Friendship Partner Program

We all appreciate the kind of friend who is willing to look after our best interests! This is our goal for you in every InterFACE activity.

Want to connect with a local American friend or family to learn more about U.S. culture? A friend to call who’s local, a native English speaker, and can help you navigate a new culture? We have volunteers who enjoy cross culture friendships that enrich their lives and want to be helpful to these friends so far away from their home.

Clemson & Furman University students who submit an application will be matched with either an American family or individual Friendship Partner from the local community for friendship and cultural exchange.

During the school year, this new American friend will:

  • Invite you for a meal at his/her home, to a favorite restaurant, to cultural and community events, to observe a American church service or activity, or just to spend time together doing things you both enjoy at least once each month.
  • Maintain biweekly contact via phone, email, Facebook, or other App.
  • Join you at iFACE, school, and community events throughout the school year.

Conversation Partner Program

Agape English Language students studying who submit an application will be matched with an American Conversation Partner for conversational English practice.

During the your school sessions, your Conversation Partner will:

You will meet for 1 hour each week for conversation and friendship.

May join you at iFACE, school or community events throughout the school year.


Submit an application now!